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Dream Team

Hi guys! We are the reselling Dream Team couple, Sam and Misty also known as West Coast Goodz.

Our reselling journey began March of 2007. Misty was pregnant with our youngest of three, Brooklynn. Our eBay business sort of fell into our lap. We purchased a black and white Blackberry 6230 off Craigslist, it wasn’t a phone that was going to work for us so we decided to resell it on eBay, to our surprise the Blackberry sold 7 days later for double what we had paid!! This was at a time when cell phones were starting to become a necessity! I (Sam) was working as a loan officer at the time (during the time the market was crashing). I was expecting a sizeable commission check. Seeing how quickly our Blackberry had sold and that I was able to make money reselling an item intrigued me to research more about reselling cell phones. I was sold after seeing the potential profits on cell phones through eBay. I built up the courage to propose to Misty that I quit my 9-5 job as a loan officer and invest our entire commission check on used cell phones to sell on eBay, Misty responded with, “I trust whatever
decision you think is best for the future of our family.” And that was it! We doubled our money in our first month of reselling cell phones. It was perfect, we were both able to work from home with a baby on the way. We ventured into clothing as well, but cell phones were becoming so popular
at this time. We couldn’t keep certain phones in stock.


We developed a website (LikeNewCells.com) and began customizing and unlocking phones to work on different carriers. Our best sellers were phones that we would customize for our customers.


We were selling on eBay and Craigslist at the time. We had plenty of customers off Craigslist that we began delivering phones to our customers. We would charge a delivery fee of $10 and had roughly

10-15 deliveries per day! Misty would make her route in the morning and spend the day delivering and activating phones to our customers throughout the week. On the weekend we had a rental space at the Koby swapmeet (flea market) in San Diego, where Misty would sell our phones. We also had Metro PCS and Cricket store’s selling our (unlocked and custom) cell phones. We spent about 8 years exclusively selling cell phones. 


In 2013 we moved to Oregon, around that time we were noticing a rise in the popularity of Amazon. We did some research and decided to open our own Amazon FBA account. We were a little discouraged at first when beginning Amazon. We educated ourselves on retail and online arbitrage through paid courses and YouTube.


Nike and Adidas were huge for us due to Oregon being home to the Nike World Headquarters and the fact that they would donate their sample shoes to the local Goodwills. The benefit of having the Nike and Adidas headquarters in Oregon was being able to source sample and unreleased shoes and clothing which we were able to sell on eBay. We easily were able to find one or two sampled items a day while out sourcing.


Now here we are over 12 years after our first sale and we have mastered eBay and Amazon FBA. We are currently making over 6 figures between the two platforms and have sold over 1 million dollars worth of merchandise on each.

If you are working a job that you dread and want the freedom to be able to take care of your children without asking for permission, or just want to be able to take a day for yourself when you need it, maybe if you are just looking for a means to make some extra cash. Don’t doubt yourself! It will take time and effort, but once you learn how to succeed those payment notifications are all you need to push you to hustle harder than you ever have! It works for us! We have 3 children, Misty has been a
full-time student for the past 8 years. If you want it bad enough, you WILL make it work!


Thank you for reading our story and I hope we can help motivate you to take charge of your life and be able to spend more time with your family.

• The Dream Team, Sam and Misty